Let’s Talk Yarn Festivals


Hello again,

Welcome back to a Country Crochet. Doesn’t time pass quickly? I had every intention of writing a new crochet blog post every week. Wishful thinking on my part. Life and work put paid to that. If you’re at all interested in my every day life, and I quite understand if you’re not, then you can find me at www.renham.co.uk where I share some of the mishaps we had in 2017. If you want a little chuckle then that’s one place to go.

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and got all your crochet gifts made.

But first, let’s grab a cuppa. By the way do send me your tea recommendations. I love to try new teas. This time I’m going to rave about The Tea Experience.  Their teas are fabulous and some are seriously to die for. Today I’m having a cup of ‘Angel Grey’ which has to be my ultimate favourite. I love Earl Grey and this is a twist on that. It’s so delicious with a subtle combination of black tea, orange slices and rose petals with a dash of bergamot and natural flavouring. If you love Earl Grey then you will adore this. I just love sniffing the bag. It certainly rates as one of my faves.  The Tea Experience did have a sample size of this tea. Pop over and have a look. It really is worth sampling if you can.

So, tea made, let’s now talk crochet.

I’ve been quite experimental the past few weeks and with my friend Louise I went to my first yarn fair. We went to Festiwool in Hichin, Hertfordshire. I was completely and happily overwhelmed by all the gorgeous yarn. I don’t know how I restrained myself but I managed to. I did however buy some lovely things. How can you not at a yarn fair? I’m by no means an expert on yarns but I’m learning so much as time goes on. It was a brilliant day and I really didn’t want to leave.

I bought quite a few mini skeins. I’m not sure what I’ll make with them. But I’ll have fun deciding.
I couldn’t resist this beautiful book.

I know we will go to many more as time goes on. The best thing about yarn festivals is that you get to meet lots of other crafters while getting loads of ideas. I was knocked out by the gorgeous hand made items they were wearing and I’m really keen to make more things that I can wear too. So, with the inspiration of Festiwool behind me I decided to try some new patterns and my first work in progress is The Sideways Blanket from the book ‘Beautiful Blankets, Afghans and Throws’ by Leonie Morgan.

I was unsure about starting this as usually when I work in rows I end up with a very strange shaped blanket but hey ho, not this time. I’m thrilled with it. It’s the perfect project for taking anywhere. I’m using all the stash I built up when I first started and I’m thrilled that those yarns are being used. It’s just acrylic yarn but the blanket is lovely and warm. I’m absolutely delighted with this and feel much more confident to work in rows which sounds such a small thing but I’m very excited about it. I thought I was destined to only make granny square blankets. I love granny squares but really wanted to branch out.

My second work in progress is a shawl. I went for a shawl from ‘The shawl Project’ book. This shawl is aimed at beginners which is perfect for me. I’m loving this and am using the yarn I bought at Festiwool.  Unfortunatly I can’t find the wool band. This is my first attempt at a shawl pattern from a book and I’m feeling very proud of myself. It’s slow but I’m enjoying it.


It doesn’t seem like a year ago that I started my crochet journey and I’m really pleased at my progress.

I don’t have many finished objects as my progress is rather slow. I did finish the Oxford United blanket for my grandson and he was thrilled with that. I also finished some mitts for a friend. I hope to have many more finished objects for my next blog.


It’s the perfect hobby on a cold dark winter’s night isn’t it? A cosy blanket on your knees and that feeling of satisfaction as you watch it grow?

I hope you received some nice crochet gifts at Christmas. I acquired three lovely books and I’ll chat about those in my next blog. I have so many crochet books that I thought it would be interesting to share them next time.

Do join me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can find me on them all as Lynda Renham.

I hope you have a wonderful New Year and it is all you hope it to be. Until next time.

Love Lynda x



































































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